Our Mission

Help the people who do good, do more good, more easily.

(We are starting with grants)

Matt Leighty

Matt is a grant writer’s grant writer. He oversees the product since Matt knows grant writing cold. Matt developed the methodology that powers his grant-getting firm. The people who work there win more grants (37 wins per person per year) and in less time without burning out. GrantFlow is based on that winning system and is informed daily by the work Matt’s team does getting grants.

They have helped nonprofits secure grants in excess of $100 million and counting with a team of just five people. Matt is a Virginia native whose experience securing grants spans from tiny nonprofits to big universities and corporations.

Neil Patel

Neil comes from a career as a consumer marketer at companies that excel in connecting stories to valuable outcomes. This includes work at major ad agencies on world famous campaigns as well as at Disney, where heart swelling stories are regularly made. Recently he helped launch a foundation-funded national TV series that has been nominated for Emmys twice. Along the way, Neil has advised startups and started startups, all of which led him to conclude that nonprofits have much in common with start-ups. Neil is excited to bring his expertise to enable more good in the world more easily through the tools we build and the stories we tell about the people we help.

Sailesh Patel

Sailesh is a California trained engineer with an Ivy League MBA who understands technology, product management, finance, data science, analytics, demand generation, accounting, and sports trivia. Oh, he can code too. Yes folks, we have a unicorn on the team. Sailesh started his career running complex video game projects as employee number 60 at Activision. Later stints at Disney Interactive, startups, and big Ad agencies honed Sailesh’s business acumen. He developed a soft spot for the people who work in nonprofits while helping a high profile nonprofit build out its donor marketing.

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