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One of the dangers of pursuing a grants-only funding strategy, or a heavy-grants strategy, is that you are apt to chase money over the mission, especially when things get tough. Your staff knows that you’re chasing money. It makes them uncomfortable because they’re no longer sure of what your mission is, or if it’s just to get money. Funders know that you are chasing money. They can see that you don’t really have a fit and are just trying to raise cash and dismiss you. Chasing money leads to mission drift.  Our mission is really serving low-income students at a high risk of dropping out—but for the right money, we can incorporate healthy eating habits! Don’t get me wrong, healthy-eating habits are great, but are they essential to your mission? No? Then skip it. 


Figure out what it is you want to do. Stay firm in your mission. Something led you to it. Then find the grants that support what you want to do.

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